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    In all honesty..


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    In all honesty..

    Post  LoLLiS517707 on Sat Apr 04, 2009 11:16 am

    I dont remember much about the good old days.. I havent talked to you guys in a long ass time. AAO was the shit... mainly becuz i started it Cool jk jk... I made sum kick ass recruits and the amount of time we all spent on tht game practicing... (we never hacked... it came from prac niggas). Me and RoLL built AAO.. and me and roll let AAO fall. But mohh2 was shit anyways lol. PcE MoHH2, PcE AAO, PcE OA..
    *Im selling AAO site maybe???

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    Re: In all honesty..

    Post  ASRow///Ender on Sat Apr 04, 2009 10:02 pm

    To be honest.... me either. God... it was so long ago and I don't talk to most ya'll, I talk to cracky every now and then but thats because he stalks me. lol jk. Oh well it was fun while it lasted. Died in the ranked of a co-leader lol not bad since almost everyone hated me at the beginning lmao. But then you all loved me. lol I got in trouble so many times lol me a bad influence on ya'll? lol W/e It was all good we all had fun. But to tell you all the truth if you really want to know my trash talking days aren't over.. if you want to know how not.... lol well I go out and play paintball and I start trash talking the other team it hilarious I can piss some of them off but most of them know its all in good fun. Yet there was this one pussy there that went and cried to his girlfriend about what I said... what a pussy i should kick his ass. I shoot him up enough though lmao. But ya I talk trash and it helps them concentrate on me since I am a FUCKING NINJA out in those woods. Hell YA BITCHS not even kidding the guy who normally refs our games says he wishes he brings video cameras to tape me. Since well I'm no pussy hider thats for sure I go out take charge run all over the place and knock most people out and avoid a lot of the shots like Neo in the matricks(sp) Ya probably spelled that wrong Idc. Anyways if you guys are still all up in the shooting games you really should take up paintballing. Its so much fun and you actually get to shoot up real people. God thats some fun stuff man. To tell you the truth I'm not as good as most of the people I play with say. I'm just fucking crazy out there. I run into places most people fear... damn pussys. Its just to hilarious really I'm just not afraid to get shot. I mean it doesn't even really hurt..... So ya Id love to play any of ya'll from our AAO days in paintball.... Man thats just some real fun crap right there. Just feels so goddamn right.

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    Re: In all honesty..

    Post  bowlama on Sun Apr 05, 2009 8:22 am

    AAO was the shit i miss u lolly Razz. i only played paintball once and i luved it(I sucked though). It really only hurts 4 like 2 seconds, it's like gettin punched by a tiny hand Laughing

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    Re: In all honesty..

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